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Catsnake: The Story Agency


"I have had the pleasure of working with Nick on many occasions and he consistently exceeds my expectations in regards to creativity, professionalism and management. My company, Catsnake, have created a few projects for Virgin Trains, with Nick leading each project.

Under his experienced and expert guidance every project has been a success and he has been an absolute joy to work with. Nick has an expert eye when coming up with creative solutions, is extremely calm under pressure and knows exactly when and when not to step in when he is managing creatives.

He is honestly one of my favourite people I have ever worked with and hope that I get to work with him again and again in the future. If you’re currently reading this and thinking to yourself “Shall I hire him”, take my word for it and hire him. Hire him now.”

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Head of Product Design


"Nick worked with my team on our Lions Live and Lions Creativity websites and he was absolutely fantastic to work with from the start to the end. Under extremely tight deadlines he not only delivered a superb brand identity but also became unofficially one of our team slotting in with the UI and UX designers which is no mean feat for an Art Director.

This is a testament to Nick’s skill levels both as a creative but also as a person and through regular design sessions for both brand and UI he was able to work seamlessly with the team on at times an incredibly complex and difficult website and rebrand project.

 The attention to detail and execution of not only the key brand materials but also UI elements added to what was a superb overall design experience for the whole digital team. 

Nick’s workflow and design process reminds me why I love working with art directors so much. 
His creative process from ideation through to conception is as wonderful as it is fascinating to be a part of. I always enjoyed his design meetings where he’d play back his concepts and take us on wonderful journeys to show how he got to his creative concepts.

In this day and age of fast design for a quick buck it’s a rare skill that unfortunately we don’t get to see so much any more but one that with Nick leading I’d be happy to be a part of again.

I hope I get the opportunity of working with Nick again in the future."

Testimonials: Bio

Head of Brand & Insight
Virgin Trains


"I worked with Nick f 4 years and had the absolute pleasure of being his line manager.

His passion and enthusiasm for driving excellence, challenging the norm and driving true innovation has never wavered! He entered the team with a real can-do attitude and was determined to move us away from dull and somewhat standard design work to truly innovative and motivational techniques such as experiential design and film.

Nick will never settle for second best and is always looking for ways to do things better and also to improve and develop in his career. He is hungry to learn and over the last few years has taken on many projects that previously didn’t sit in his area and has excelled in these."

Testimonials: Bio
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